What's the use of reading books?
1. Develops thinking One of the important advantages of reading books is the positive effect it has on our thinking. When reading, we think more to understand this or that…

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The laws to success by Randy gage
1. The law of emptiness. If you need new shoes, throw away the old ones. If you need new clothes, clean your closet. You must willingly give up your stereotypes.…

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Once to remember the name of the person?
Repeat the name of the person you met. "Glad to meet you, Vitaly!""Nice to meet you, Anna" This simple trick allows you to avoid a situation when in one ear…

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How to become a master in any business? (part 2)

8. Psychology

One of the reasons most people in the world can’t be really good at something is because they have no talent for anything that matters to others. But there is another reason: these people do not want to spend time and effort. I understand that. It is often better to actively communicate, have friends, strong relationships in the family, love people.

Many people who have achieved mastery, experienced difficulties in dealing with relatives, spouses or friends. Van Gogh cut off his ear. Dostoevsky, Kafka, Bobby Fischer, gödel were never famous for their penchant for social niceties, often plunged into depression, had suicidal tendencies or were close to schizophrenia. Continue reading

How to become a master in any business? (part 1)

James Altucher — entrepreneur, trader, investor, author of several bestsellers, who released and sold independently. In his blog, he openly and paradoxically teaches to live a happier life.

Are you happy with your life? Do you go to work knowing that you can achieve more? Knowing that you have unique abilities that can make you the best in the world?

This post is about how to achieve mastery. But also that it is normal not to achieve mastery in the traditional sense. You can define your own skills, not use someone else’s definitions.
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Recommendations for effective use of time

1. Time to deal with the crises.
Russian “maybe” rarely helps, and often gets further into a dead end, the way out of which requires much more strength and energy.

2.Stop “hanging out”, aimlessly wandering on the Internet, pointlessly staring at one point and endlessly running to drink tea.
The easiest way to stop “hanging out”: plan a quality vacation during the working day and execute this plan as certainly important and urgent. Continue reading

Low-budget ideas for business
1. Website about discounts, providing discount cards for temporary use, exchange and sale of gift cards. 2. Production of commemorative medals for newborns, plaster prints of palms of kids, registration…


Recommendations for lead generation via e-mail newsletter
Despite the emergence of many different tools to deliver information to potential and existing customers, e-mail is still one of the most effective in terms of "cost-result". In addition, statistics…


Where to get motivation?
One of the most common questions of today's aspiring entrepreneurs. The answer is simple. But in order to come to him first need to discuss the input of this issue.…


How to use the strategy of TSS?
Unique trade offer, or USP, is a technology of creating unique products from non-unique, creating obvious benefits for Your customer. The main benefits of UTP: 1. The uniqueness will allow…