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Prosperity recommendations from Napoleon hill
1. Imagination is power. "All the breaks that you need in life, wait with your imagination. Imagination is the workshop of your mind, it can transform the energy of the…

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How to become a master in any business? (part 2)
8. Psychology One of the reasons most people in the world can't be really good at something is because they have no talent for anything that matters to others. But…

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What to do when everything is bad?
Probably every person at least once in his life asked what to do when everything is bad. Not glued to work, problems with learning, no personal life, relatives do not…

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Where to get motivation?

One of the most common questions of today’s aspiring entrepreneurs. The answer is simple. But in order to come to him first need to discuss the input of this issue.
First of all, who has such a question right now? Take a look and find the common denominators in these people. Where they were before for the emergence of this issue, whom and that listened to and watched.
Secondly, from whom and what exactly they received it and receive this motivation.
Thirdly, whether their dreams they put in your head or someone else’s?
Fourth, what these people have serious Hobbies, Hobbies and goals in life.
Fifth, what is motivation and it is very strange, but why 10 years ago people did not have such questions? Continue reading

Recommendations for effective use of time

1. Time to deal with the crises.
Russian “maybe” rarely helps, and often gets further into a dead end, the way out of which requires much more strength and energy.

2.Stop “hanging out”, aimlessly wandering on the Internet, pointlessly staring at one point and endlessly running to drink tea.
The easiest way to stop “hanging out”: plan a quality vacation during the working day and execute this plan as certainly important and urgent. Continue reading

How to use the strategy of TSS?

Unique trade offer, or USP, is a technology of creating unique products from non-unique, creating obvious benefits for Your customer.

The main benefits of UTP:
1. The uniqueness will allow you to rise above your competitors. Your company can become #1 in its market.
2. Selling is easy. Your customers fall under the influence of the USP and are highly motivated to buy from You.
3. You can set the price more expensive than the competition. You buy, not because it is cheaper, but because You have higher value. Continue reading

Rules of success from Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov created Vkontakte in 2006 and all these years was the leader and inspirer of the project. In recent years, the company has been in a state of permanent corporate conflict, which resulted in the dismissal of the CEO.

The rules of success from Pavel Durov, which he follows in his life and advises everyone else to do the same.

1. Understand what you really like. The Golden rule is that you do what you really enjoy, and then you’ll be a lot happier.

2. Give up the garbage you eat, drink and smoke every day. No secrets and cunning diets – natural food, fruits, vegetables, water. It is not necessary to become a vegetarian and completely quit drinking – you just need to limit the maximum sugar, flour, coffee, alcohol and all plastic food. Continue reading

Rule 20 minutes or technique of tomato

This technique is time management and increased concentration invented as a student of Francesco Cirillo (Francesco Chirillo).

The main idea came to me in the late 80’s, when I was studying at the initial courses of the University. When the excitement of the first session subsided, I felt a decline and great confusion.”- Francesco writes in the Preface of his book.

“Every day I came to the University, listened to lectures, and came back with a terrible feeling that I did not succeed, that I was just wasting my time. Exams were approaching with great speed, and it was impossible to postpone any more.” Continue reading

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How to overcome laziness?
1. To stop being lazy, you have to do nothing I mean what I'm saying. Stand in the middle of the room and do nothing, absolutely nothing: do not eat,…


How to optimize the time spent in the network?
1. Eliminate your Internet diet unwanted sites. Sit down and think about what you really need and what you're wasting your time on. This is normal, if there will be…


The choice of colors for the site
The color scheme determines the mood of the resource and its thematic affiliation. But in addition, it can also affect the perception: one or another shades you can better position…


Lessons of charisma and leadership from Radislav Gandapas
1. Make your interlocutors feel the most intelligent, charming and interesting people 2. Behave so that people during the conversation feel that you do not think about anything else: -…