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Effectively plan time on Eisenhower
Time is a twofold concept. On the one hand, we have it in abundance, and it is still a lot in stock. On the other hand, every second we spent…

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Why is passion important for business?
You have to love what you do — otherwise you will never succeed in life. If you love your work, you will work tirelessly, try to surpass your achievements and…

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How to make a client a fan of the company?
Pareto rule in sales is no less effective than in other areas. It has long been proven that 20% of the most loyal and loyal customers give 80% of the…

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Why create a website to help You increase sales?

Website promotion, as well as their promotion and creation – one of the most popular areas at the moment. Among other things, the creation of websites affects the development of business in various industries. But the creation is only the initial stage of multifunctional work of any site. Next, a very important point is to attract the right categories of people to the site. Surely, you have often noticed that the largest networks of retail chains, shops, as well as pizzerias, fashion stores and other well-known brands have moved to trade through the Internet. Of course, they use the business model that they chose at the very beginning, but the creation of sites in these areas only helped them to increase their income and win even more customers. What attracts businessmen creating websites? Continue reading

Recipes for individual investor

Fortunately, today the reality is that many of us are drawn to home baking. If you need a rich income, knead the dough with the soul and with your hands. Go to the market and choose stocks to invest in.

But first I’ll give you the recipe based on the finest ingredients from Peter Lynch. I hope you will like it and, perhaps, in the future will push you to become a chef of your financial cuisine.

1. Each of us is smart enough to make money on the stock market. But not everyone has enough endurance. If you are prone to panic selling, you’d better avoid both stocks and mutual funds (we have mutual funds – mutual Funds). Continue reading

Effectively plan time on Eisenhower

Time is a twofold concept. On the one hand, we have it in abundance, and it is still a lot in stock. On the other hand, every second we spent was gone, and gone forever. And the main question is how we spent it.

Analyzing what you want to do and what you’re really doing helps you assess how effectively you’re using your time.

Most time management systems focus on the rational distribution of time, paying little attention to the actual tasks and goals. But not all. For example, the Eisenhower matrix helps to formulate and identify tasks, distributing them by importance: Continue reading

How to stop delaying things for later? (part 1)

The habit of putting things off until the last minute can be a big problem both in business and in everyday life. Missed opportunities, overtime, stress, overload, resentment, guilt are signs of a similar habit. This article will help to identify the main reasons for the habit of delaying things for later, and show how you can overcome it.

1. Replace “Need” with “Want.”

First, the understanding of the “need” to perform certain actions – and there is a main reason why we postpone them for later. When you tell yourself that you “have to” do something, you realize the forced nature of this action, and automatically feel a sense of inner resistance. Continue reading

How to stop delaying things for later? (part 2)

If you know that tomorrow is a day off, you will be less inclined to postpone things, because you do not want to afford such a “luxury” as a day off, busy with the decision of pending cases.

And if for you every day – a worker, and despite this work seems endless, then you always say to yourself “I have to work”. And your brain uses delaying things for later as a way to guarantee you at least some positive emotions in your life.
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The main differences between rich and poor
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Recommendations for those wishing to get rich from investor Warren Buffett
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Where to get motivation?
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