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How to become a master in any business? (part 2)

8. Psychology

One of the reasons most people in the world can’t be really good at something is because they have no talent for anything that matters to others. But there is another reason: these people do not want to spend time and effort. I understand that. It is often better to actively communicate, have friends, strong relationships in the family, love people.

Many people who have achieved mastery, experienced difficulties in dealing with relatives, spouses or friends. Van Gogh cut off his ear. Dostoevsky, Kafka, Bobby Fischer, gödel were never famous for their penchant for social niceties, often plunged into depression, had suicidal tendencies or were close to schizophrenia.

When you are building a career, there is an idea that you will move from success to success. One day you will have a small office, then a large one, then you will move to the position of CEO in another company and so on. Along the way you will encounter failures, but it will not be major failures.

If you aspire to skill, then remember: you will certainly have great defeats. Most investors don’t like Tim Sykes. He has a very arrogant marketing style. But he’s my friend, and I have to say, he’s not arrogant at all. He is extremely modest. Why? Because he was penniless several times after his first successes.

Bankruptcy is no fun. It happened to me several times. And every time you think, “This is the worst experience of my life, I wish I was dead. It was my last chance. It’s over. And everyone around me would be better off if I died.”

When Tim tried to get back into business, no one talked to him. So he was betting on himself. He fulfilled all the above points. And he made millions in trading.

On the way to the skill all will not turn out as it should. Bobby Fischer spent most of his life on the verge of schizophrenia, in agony, unable to cope with his losses. He disappeared for years, but then he came back, stronger than before.

How to cultivate it in yourself? I don’t know. It’s a combination of many things. It is the ego — the real belief that you can be the best, despite all the rational evidence to the contrary and all the people who criticize you. It is an understanding that there is no way out. I asked Elon and the others what they thought when they hit the bottom, and each time the answer was, “what else was I supposed to do? I kept going forward!»

9. Persistence

Perseverance creates luck. It overcomes defeat. Perseverance is a series of failures interspersed with rare successes, and over time these successes will begin to push you to mastery. Not one success, not two. But many and many.

How to stay stubborn when life is filled with changing careers, relationships, responsibilities, economic crises, historical UPS and many other things that can stand in your way? The answer is no. That’s why it’s called perseverance: doing what you’ve always done. Don’t let all of the above stop you.

Use all of the above to move on to bigger successes, bigger defeats, and then even more impressive successes.

It’s painful, scary, not fun at all, and no one will understand why you’re doing it. And then, when you succeed, people will act like what happened to you is the most natural thing in the world. You try to explain, “No, there was a time when…” And they wouldn’t listen. They’ll want to know what their next move should be so they can be where you are.

10. That’s a puzzle

Ultimately, mastery is a mystery. You have to break the sound barrier in an area where no one has done it so quickly or has gone so far. You have to find your own unique combination of Hobbies that will make you the best in the world in this area.

What if you do not chase the mystery, and return to the familiar, cozy, stress-free existence of colleagues, acquaintances and others around? Perhaps the world will not allow it. It may happen that what you thought was cozy is also a myth.

The history of mastery shows that no one has been able to predict which goals will work and which will not. So only the present moment is important. In terms of health: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Can you move forward in each of these relationships today?

Then you will advance to the skill and to your riddle.

Good news

You don’t have to be the master of the world. You don’t have to do any of the above. Very few people do that. And many of them have experienced and continue to experience a lot of suffering and pain.
We live in a culture where being considered mediocre is almost a curse. But society has no idea what real skill is. Do not read all these articles “10 ways…”. Don’t listen.

Even me.
Freud said that our two goals in life are contact with others and achievement. But often it is reasonable to overcome those imposed by the evolution task. And just be happy with those who love you. To be satisfied with everything that gives life, every moment, not to rush to the next moment of skill. True mastery can be found right here and now — in the way you treat yourself, other people, your efforts and your love.

Nothing is more important than that. Because when you rush to the mythical THERE, one day you will get there and realize that you have missed all the fun and mystery along the way.

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