Word of mouth marketing. How to make people talk about you
How to ensure your company's stunning success and popularity without spending a penny on advertising? How to make customers tell all their friends, acquaintances and even passers-by about you? And…

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Success lessons from Henry Ford
1. Serve others. "A business absolutely devoted to service will have little concern about profit. It will be indecently big." The secret of success is to serve others. All successful…

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Rule 20 minutes or technique of tomato
This technique is time management and increased concentration invented as a student of Francesco Cirillo (Francesco Chirillo). The main idea came to me in the late 80's, when I was…

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The choice of colors for the site

The color scheme determines the mood of the resource and its thematic affiliation. But in addition, it can also affect the perception: one or another shades you can better position the audience or Vice versa, push it away. Therefore, the choice of colors for the site should behave very carefully.


For example, black is positioned very strongly and confidently, it is used in the development of Mature and stylish design. It is best to combine it with some bright and expressive shades, then you will be able to place the accents on the page and interest the audience.


White is a sign of purity and harmony, so the choice of colors for the site often leans in his favor. This is also because, firstly, this tone is universal, and secondly, it is very useful as the main background for the text. This move gives the feeling of reading from a simple white sheet, which in turn facilitates the process for the user.


As for red, it should be used very carefully. Its brightness is very relevant to highlight some strategic points on the web page, but abuse can make the design aggressive and a little annoying. So red can be operated only as a Supplement, not base.


Blue and gray carry a sense of something stable and even sublime. With these shades, you can successfully emphasize the seriousness and credibility of the company, while maintaining a positive attitude. Therefore, when choosing colors for a corporate website, such solutions are most often preferred.


Yellow carries warmth and joy, so it can cause visitors to improve mood and goodwill towards the resource. It is very beneficial to use yellow on interactive platforms, for example, in communities, gaming portals, Dating sites, etc. It, like orange, stimulates communication and interaction.


Green you can use in two cases: if you want to provide a relaxing environment on the site or if you want to create a site on the theme of nature (tourist, medicinal – folk remedies).

Brown and purple.

Brown and purple are the colors that most clearly Express style and elegance. So they can be productively applied to projects relating to women and ekologiskas theme.

Bill Gates Rules
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Revealing the connection between punctuality and integrity
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