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How to make a client a fan of the company?

Pareto rule in sales is no less effective than in other areas. It has long been proven that 20% of the most loyal and loyal customers give 80% of the company’s profits, and the remaining 80% of customers – only 20% of the profits. However, most business owners, sales managers and sales professionals work hard to increase the second 80% of customers, while it is worth focusing on the first 20%. In this article we will talk about how to work with customers, so that they become your loyal fans and gradually increase the number of the first 20%, and, consequently, the volume of 80% of profit.

If you are responsible for sales in your company, or for business development, the techniques that you will learn from this article – this is the shortest way to bring your company to another level and achieve the turnover that was planned. These strategies are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. They do not require you to make large investments, and some of them are free, but they are very effective.

Without re-sales anywhere

Companies everywhere fail in business because they don’t have enough customers who buy on a regular basis. Their efforts are more focused on attracting customers, but they do not care about what to do next. Thus, they are constantly spinning like a squirrel in a wheel: attract customers, and they, having made a purchase, without bringing almost no profit, go to competitors. It is known that it is 4-6 times cheaper to sell to an existing customer than to attract a new one.

Every day the competition is growing, technology is improving. All this leads to the fact that it becomes more expensive to attract a client, and if you do not make repeated sales, then the profit will be minimal or even zero.

If you want to finally change the situation in your company, you probably think that you can take and where to start.
Below you will see several approaches that will increase the number of repeat sales due to the fact that customers will become your loyal fans.

Create a product or service of proper quality and solving customer problems

Please note that the product or service is of “proper quality”, i.e. the quality should be what customers expect it to be. It has to match the price in their minds. With good marketing, you can sell almost everything, even frankly low-quality goods. But when your buyer unrolls the package and under the beautiful wrapper finds not what he expected, he will be disappointed.

Create a product line

Perhaps your product or service belongs to those that run out and need to be bought over and over again, such as food or hygiene products. But if it is not, then without a product line you will not achieve repeat purchases.

Your product line should include cheap, medium and expensive products/services, products and services for different categories of customers: men and women, etc.

If you do not have the ability to produce new products, unite with partners, with your competitors, create profitable alliances, offer their goods and services, receiving a reward for it. Your businesses will benefit from this.

The presence of several products allows you to do additional sales (upsell) and cross-selling (cross-sell).

• Up sell is an offer of a more advanced version of the product, instead of the one that the customer originally ordered, aimed at increasing the check.
• Cross sell is the sale of additional and related products and/or services to an already ordered product.

Develop several packages of your services/products and always offer customers a more expensive and advanced solution. A certain part of them will definitely agree to an improved version.

How it can be implemented: If a customer makes an order on your website, then on the successful order page it is necessary to offer him additional products or a more advanced version. Met: “With this product usually buy…”?

If the order is accepted by phone, train your sales managers to find out the needs and offer additional products.

It would seem that a simple technique, almost no cost. But how few businesses use it!

Get feedback from customers and encourage an open exchange of views

Constantly in contact with customers and then you can better help them in solving their problems. Conduct a preliminary survey and identify the needs of your audience.

To do this, any of the programs that are available for free on the Internet will be perfect. For example, if you have a corporate blog, you can conduct a survey right there. You can also use the phone or interact with your customers at the point of sale.

Call or email the customer after the sale has already been made to clarify whether everything suited him, what other needs he has remained unrealized. It is very rare that someone does, so your call will add you and your company several points in the Treasury of loyalty.

For an exchange of views, a forum or a company page in social networks will be suitable, where customers will be able to publish their reviews, questions.

Help your customer use your product or service

If it is, for example, household appliances, then the client needs help in its installation and, perhaps, a brief instruction for use.
There are also some categories of products that require some motivation or knowledge to use. These include, for example, sports equipment. One fact of buying some customers believe that they have made a great contribution to their health and do not bother to deal with them. And if they do not, they will not see the results, will not share their impressions, therefore, they will not make repeated purchases from you, and will not advise their friends.

Advise clients on the phone, make visits to them, if appropriate.
Promptly solve customer questions received from your website, by e-mail or by phone.

We live in the age of high speeds, and efficiency in solving problems is very much appreciated.

Take care of the client

The value creation approach and the desire to serve the customer in the best way always pay off in the long run. People don’t usually forget when they’ve been treated well, much less when they exceed their expectations. If we consider that at the moment the service in Russia is at a low level, the manifestation of simple human care (which costs nothing to your employees) will already be regarded as “above average”. The client, feeling your sincere care, will be ready to pay you any money.

How to implement: Once a customer has placed an order with you, add something to the order that will help you use it better: examples of how other customers use this product or instructions for a quick start.
Make “free” (included in the price of the goods) delivery, installation of the goods.
Get together with your employees and brainstorm, I’m sure you will find a lot of ideas, the implementation of which will help your customers to feel your sincere care.

Become a friend to your client

Jay Abraham, one of the greatest marketers of our time, talked about how important it is to be a good friend to your customers. It would seem a simple advice, but with a very deep meaning! It is important to build a very warm relationship with your client, and then he will never go to your competitor.

Any client is pleased to know that he is the only one and treat it in a special way. To achieve this, you need to have the most complete information about the client. To do this, organize a database that would store the most complete information about each client. This database should be filled in by all employees of the company who are in contact with the client.

In this case, you and happy birthday in time to congratulate, and remind you that it’s time to buy the goods when it comes to an end.

Loyalty grows when the client realizes and understands that he will be glad to see, hear and be glad to help him at any time, or, at least, will listen attentively.

Surprise and give more than your customers expected

If you give your customers more than they expect, they won’t leave you for two reasons: they will appreciate that they get more, and you will satisfy their curiosity (“What did he prepare for me this time?”). The more you will pleasantly surprise your customers, the more they will be attached to you, the more income will bring to your business. When you surprise customers, you create an additional reason to tell your friends about you and attract new customers.

How to implement: Offer an undeclared bonus. When a customer makes a purchase from you, add a small souvenir to it, for example. In one of my projects, we add a fridge magnet with the project logo to each parcel with the order. The client is not only happy that he received an unexpected gift, but also several times during the day looking at the address of our site on your refrigerator.

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