How to use the strategy of TSS?
Unique trade offer, or USP, is a technology of creating unique products from non-unique, creating obvious benefits for Your customer. The main benefits of UTP: 1. The uniqueness will allow…

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Seven criteria of ideal business niche
1. «High resolution» Here we are talking about your "resolution" in this niche, that is, your level of understanding, your experience, knowledge. For example, if you are all my adult…

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Where to get motivation?
One of the most common questions of today's aspiring entrepreneurs. The answer is simple. But in order to come to him first need to discuss the input of this issue.…

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What should be the photos in the online store?

1. Show the benefits of the product not only in the text. For example, an online clothing store can show photos of things from different angles. Do not forget that many are concerned not only with the appearance but also the quality of the product. Place photos that show specific details of the product close-up – for example, photos of buttons, seams, embroidery, etc. Also pay attention to the hidden elements of the product, information about which is no less important.

2. Not all customers have a rich imagination. If possible, help the buyer to understand how the clothes look on the person or how the sofa fits into the interior. Strive to solve human problems with the help of photos.

3. Give an idea of the size of the product. Yes, from the design point of view it is better when the objects in the photos have approximately the same indentation from the borders. But as a result, the user can not visually assess the difference between Samsung IV and Samsung Gio-5660.

The only way out is put a recognizable object logically associated with the product and on the basis of which to conclude the real size. For example, you can put money next to your wallet.

4. Sell emotions. Show the happy real buyer with the goods. For example, an online Bicycle store may ask customers to send photos of its products “in action.” As a result, the catalog will have photos of real buyers with real emotions and in different conditions.

5. If the product comes with additional items (for example, in the case of a blender – it will be nozzles), show them in the General photo. It will also be a plus to show the box in which the person will receive their goods.

6. If the buyer can order the goods in different colors, then take care to show him the difference.

7. For the sale of goods in which the important composition and country of origin (products, cosmetics, etc.), take pictures of the reverse side. Or publish the composition in the characteristics of the goods.

8. Take pictures on a background that does not distract attention from the product and contrasts with it. Try to make products of the same category have the same background.

9. Work on the exposition of the goods. Even jewelry, photographed in the right light, will win compared to the photo of expensive jewelry, made in haste.

10. Choose the right angles. For a person accustomed to seeing objects in perspective. But don’t forget the front photos and the side view.

11. Watch the perspective. Photos of the goods made from different angles, look messy when they are placed next.

12. Some people have the practice of saving photos of goods to your hard drive to make a choice later. This mainly applies to products that are selected long and carefully, for example, wedding products.

In order to facilitate later search of your online store for this photo, give the photos the names of the species DSC_2100.jpg, a type sayt-title-tovara-nomer-v-kataloge.jpg. In addition, the keyword that is contained in the title of the image automatically makes it relevant to search engines, which will positively affect your progress through the photos.

13. A watermark is often a meaningless thing that does not protect either the product itself or its photo from copying and in most cases is perceived as visual garbage.

The only justified reason why you should carefully (so as not to interfere with the view) to place a watermark on the photo – to make it as simple as possible to search for a buyer of your online store on the saved photo.

The best protection is a photo of the product, next to which is a business card, branded package or other armored attribute of your online store.

Follow these simple tips, take quality, “delicious” photos and sell more!

Seven criteria of ideal business niche
1. «High resolution» Here we are talking about your "resolution" in this niche, that is, your level of understanding, your experience, knowledge. For example, if you are all my adult…


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