How to overcome laziness?
1. To stop being lazy, you have to do nothing I mean what I'm saying. Stand in the middle of the room and do nothing, absolutely nothing: do not eat,…

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Lessons of charisma and leadership from Radislav Gandapas
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How to overcome laziness?

1. To stop being lazy, you have to do nothing
I mean what I’m saying. Stand in the middle of the room and do nothing, absolutely nothing: do not eat, do not drink, do not read, do not lie down, do not listen to music, do not think. In less than fifteen minutes, you’ll be in business.

2. It’s a five-minute thing.
Force yourself to work for five minutes, it is much easier than to get down to business, realizing that you will have to work all day. Five minutes can endure anything, and at the same time it is enough to get started. Then you will not be able to stop.

3. Break the big cases into pieces
It is simply impossible to take on a big task. Break it into small pieces and perform alternately — it’s much easier.

4. Routine — away!
To do everything to do nothing? Eat, wash dishes, go to the store, check e-mail, watch the news, read blogs of friends… it is Clear that all this distracts from the main tasks and can be performed only in free time.

5. Work in the morning
People are divided into “larks” and “owls” (I, just, owl). Owls are usually lazy all day, inventing endless excuses, and sit down for business only in the evening. Dear owls, we are equally able to work both day and evening.

6. Reward yourself
Any work should be rewarded, therefore, working, it is useful to encourage yourself in time. Do part of the job — drink a Cup of coffee with your favorite cookies, walk or just relax for 5 minutes. It’s a good habit.

7. Don’t put off till tomorrow
Tomorrow is the busiest day of the week, because we are constantly putting things off until tomorrow. If you want to start life anew, do it right now — tomorrow there will be some very small business or you just change your mind. Even if it is already quite late, start your business today — it is easier to finish what you started than to start a new one.

Achieve success in your business, and let laziness no longer stand in your way.

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