How to finish what you started?
1. Make lists of things to do. Take a pen and a piece of paper, open a special program or application and right now make a list of all the…

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Recommendations for effective use of time
1. Time to deal with the crises. Russian "maybe" rarely helps, and often gets further into a dead end, the way out of which requires much more strength and energy.…

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Why is passion important for business?
You have to love what you do — otherwise you will never succeed in life. If you love your work, you will work tirelessly, try to surpass your achievements and…

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What’s the use of reading books?

1. Develops thinking
One of the important advantages of reading books is the positive effect it has on our thinking. When reading, we think more to understand this or that idea of the work.

2. Reduces stress
In today’s world, getting rid of stress – the main concern of many people. The richness and rhythm of the language has the ability to calm the mind and relieve the body of stress. Especially helpful in this reading some fiction before bed.

3. Increases vocabulary
When you read books of different genres, you come across words that you don’t normally use in everyday speech. If you don’t know a word, you don’t have to look up a definition in the dictionary. Sometimes the meaning of a term can be understood from the meaning of a sentence. Reading helps not only to increase vocabulary, but also increases literacy.

4. Protects against Alzheimer’s disease
According to recent studies, reading really protects against brain disease. When you read, the activity of the brain increases, which has a beneficial effect on its condition.

5. Gives confidence
Reading books makes us more confident. When in conversation, we demonstrate a deep knowledge of a particular subject, then unwittingly behave more confident and collected. And the recognition of your knowledge by others has a positive effect on self-esteem.

6. Makes us more creative
Creative people can generate several great ideas at once. Where can you get them? From books. Reading the work, you can learn from there a lot of ideas, which later put into practice.

7. Improving sleep
If you systematically read before going to bed, then soon the body will get used to it, and then reading will be a kind of signal, talking about the imminent departure to sleep. This way you will not only improve your sleep, but in the morning you will feel more cheerful.

8. Improves brain activity
When reading, we usually present a lot of details: the characters, their clothes, the surrounding objects. It is also necessary to remember a lot of things that are needed to understand the work. That is why the reading trains your memory and logic.

9. Improves concentration
When reading, it is necessary to concentrate on the content of the work, without being distracted by foreign objects. This skill is very useful in any other activity. Also, reading books develops objectivity and the ability to make informed decisions.

Where to get motivation?
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