The laws to success by Randy gage
1. The law of emptiness. If you need new shoes, throw away the old ones. If you need new clothes, clean your closet. You must willingly give up your stereotypes.…

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Where to get ideas for startups?
1. Live in the future Stay on the edge of MacBook air. Use something that didn't exist yesterday. Read about new inventions. Think about products for the new generation. The…

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Seven laws of success from Warren Buffett
"If you're all so smart, then why am I so rich? Warren Buffett" This famous phrase is attributed to the charming American old billionaire. An eccentric old man with the…

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Prosperity recommendations from Napoleon hill

1. Imagination is power.

“All the breaks that you need in life, wait with your imagination. Imagination is the workshop of your mind, it can transform the energy of the mind into achievements and riches.”

2. Repetition is necessary.

“Any idea, plan or goal can be placed in your mind by repeating thoughts.”

3. Hard work is a must.

“Big and little responsibility never meet together”.

4. The plan is critical.

“Create a specific plan to fulfill your desire immediately begin to follow it, regardless of whether you are ready or not.”

5. You have to make a move.

“There’s always your next move”.

6. Never let failure stop you.

“Edison failed 10,000 times before he perfected the electric lamp. Don’t stop, even if failure befalls you repeatedly.”

7. Defeat is a sign.

“When you are faced with defeat, take it as a signal that your plans do not work, rebuild these plans, and again set sail towards your cherished goal.”

8. Imagine how you attract prosperity.

“Just as your eyes need light to see, our minds need representation to bear fruit.”

9. You have to have a purpose.

“There is one quality that must be possessed for the sake of victory, it is certainty in the goals, knowledge of what you want to achieve and a passionate desire to possess it.”

10. Use auto-suggestion.

“Your ability to use the principle of autosuggestion largely depends on your ability to focus on a given desire until that desire becomes a hot obsession.”

Self-hypnosis is the process of repeating the thoughts to yourself. The word “autosuggestion” should be part of your everyday vocabulary. The best way to self-hypnotize is to repeat affirmations that Express what you want to instill in your subconscious mind. Napoleon hill said, “When your desires are strong enough, you get superhuman strength, to achieve.” You have these powers, make sure you use them.

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