Profitable Forex strategies
Forex trading is becoming more popular every day. This type of earnings on the Internet allows you to get a decent profit without leaving home, which is undoubtedly a plus…

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The main differences between rich and poor
1. The rich save money and time. 2. The poor spend what they earn – the rich invest what they earn. 3. Poor distribute generous tip, and the rich in…

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Seven criteria of ideal business niche
1. «High resolution» Here we are talking about your "resolution" in this niche, that is, your level of understanding, your experience, knowledge. For example, if you are all my adult…

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Recommendations for lead generation via e-mail newsletter

Despite the emergence of many different tools to deliver information to potential and existing customers, e-mail is still one of the most effective in terms of “cost-result”. In addition, statistics show that about 27% of people prefer to receive information about their brands through e-mail.

So, here are 9 best practices for lead generation:

1. Use stimulating phrases

Adding an “incentive” to the email header significantly increases the chance that the email will be read. Even if a person is not interested in the proposed product or service, his attention may well be attracted by the accompanying bonus offer. Many of us buy sets of “coffee+Cup” only because of the beautiful Cup. Often, people who stop additional costs when making purchases. Specify in the header of the letter about free delivery of any order in the amount of more than N rubles, it will not only create in the head of the buyer a positive opinion about your store, because you take all the associated costs! Subconsciously, a person will assume that if you do not need to spend money on delivery, then he will be able to buy “suddenly released” money something else. This works in practice and should not be ignored by such inducing phrases.

2. Don’t overuse fonts and colors

Vinaigrette is beautiful, but not in your letters. Ideally, you should not use more than 2 fonts: a more prominent one to focus the recipient’s attention on the key information in your email, and a second font for the rest of the content.

3. Place the key text and call to action at the beginning of the letter

If the recipient needs to scroll down to see your main offer or call to action that you were trying to convey to him, then know that with a probability of 70% he will never know about them. A quick look at the mass of “water” without any specific proposals — and the letter is sent to the basket.

4. The width of the letter should not exceed 650 pixels

Otherwise, in order to read each line completely or see the whole picture in your letter, you force the recipient to use horizontal scrolling. Your task is to attract the attention of a potential client, so why do you create additional obstacles for this?

5. Place your logo in the upper left corner of the letter

Numerous studies show that we automatically expect to see a logo or image in this place of the readable letter.

6. Attractive title

It doesn’t have to be long. It should be clear and complete. First, the recipient reads the title of the letter. If after reading the title he did not understand what awaits him in the letter, he is unlikely to open the letter.

7. Use autoresponder for opt-in

Many people forget that they subscribed to someone’s e-mail newsletter. The use of an automated reminder tool will help to maintain the attention of recipients to your service, but it is necessary to include in the text of the mailing interesting content for the recipient. The optimal frequency of distribution is 1, 5 and 10 days after the registration of the reader in your distribution system.

8. Link your emails to the landing page

It is very important that when you go to the landing page, a potential client has a feeling of continuing acquaintance with the proposed service or service. There should be no contrast in the transition from writing to the site. It is important that a uniform style of letter and page, and the General sense of the content. Don’t forget about monitoring tools to get detailed statistics about which emails users are most actively responding to and which ones are not.

9. Five second test

Before sending a letter, send it to a friend or colleague and ask them to tell you within 5 seconds of reading what action the letter contains. If he answers correctly, then the letter is made correctly, if not — work on the content and composition of the letter to achieve the effect of “understand in 5 seconds.”

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