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Prosperity recommendations from Napoleon hill
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Where to get motivation?

One of the most common questions of today’s aspiring entrepreneurs. The answer is simple. But in order to come to him first need to discuss the input of this issue.
First of all, who has such a question right now? Take a look and find the common denominators in these people. Where they were before for the emergence of this issue, whom and that listened to and watched.
Secondly, from whom and what exactly they received it and receive this motivation.
Thirdly, whether their dreams they put in your head or someone else’s?
Fourth, what these people have serious Hobbies, Hobbies and goals in life.
Fifth, what is motivation and it is very strange, but why 10 years ago people did not have such questions?

Let’s figure it out and start at the end.

5. The term MOTIVATION. It sounds like a noun, but it is essentially e. These are some processes in your body, as a result of which doing one thing becomes a priority over another. Example for simplicity. Morning, you sleep and suddenly wanted to go to the toilet. But you are still asleep, the motivation to sleep is very big. The power of the second new process increases and suddenly the first loses its force, giving way to the second, you get up and go to the toilet. This is a classic example of motivation. There are always 2 or more processes standing on the scales. So, if You continue to do any process without going to others, it means that the motivation for the first process you have more and most importantly, it still is. It turns out that on scales “to roll on a sofa, to go on training, to be engaged in business, to help parents” or to make something else always to a greater extent wins something one. We have DEALT WITH the FACT that, in principle, motivation is always within us. But why is it so difficult for the brain to attach motivation to any process and make the body act as the brain wants, not the ass?

4. Now look at the people who are not yet aware of this term, they somehow specifically did not look for it, BUT they found something that is much more important. They answered yourself the Question WHY. Why would I engage in a hobby, what is my life purpose, I give it. And if the priorities of the long-term goal are promising, they have specifics and people believe in it, then the MOTIVATION is shifted in that direction. I’ve met a lot of guys who were dead or fat. Looking at them, you’d think they were lazy. Suddenly there is a girl and they began to look for ways to get her attention. They set themselves a goal, a result and began to act. Just as often they changed their priorities in favor of another girl, as they outgrew the previous one, but most importantly, the shift of the motivational driving force was directed to a specific object, measurable, understandable and desirable.

3. Suddenly, somehow there are guys who somewhere learned the secret of the fact that the motivation of a person is always only necessary and it is possible to competently manage giving some form. It remains for little, to catch motivational stimuli, to strengthen the necessary and to tell that the only right way in life – to live exactly as they said. Sectarians are very fond of this technique. Does this technique work for everyone? In principle, Yes, but people already have their long-term goals endowed with motivation to do it harder. Therefore, people with unstable emotional state are always looking for Xia. Young people, the unemployed, on losing goals in life and so on.
these guys can only give a little specifics in the picture of the world, draw what is good and bad, tell examples in which cases people like You (or customers) have already solved their questions with their product and assign a specific price for it. This is called, GIVE MOTIVATION!!! A small such substitution of values for products. If a person does not know what he wants, tell him what he should want, show him where it is and how much it costs. The secret here is chips easy. THE VALUE FROM SOLVING IMAGINARY PROBLEMS IT NEEDS TO BE MORE THAN WHAT HE MAKES NOW. Do not pull the cat’s balls, come and buy our intensive for 19.99 and you will be happy:)))

2. But the miracle does not come true, and the joy of imaginary victories as much as if they were real. Friends and co-workers laughing at you, like, are you crazy? For the month earned 5.674 ruble, spend 19.999 for Training and why are you going there again? FOR MOTIVATION, You are responsible. There’s a miracle happening. There’s this shit that You got erected to the rank of “really important victory” there will recognize You and say that Your cause is right, the labor was not in vain. In order to be there on a horse every time you have to grow over yourself. But somehow the tools that these guys are not given the opportunity to earn in a big city more than 25-50 Tr And an ordinary Manager earns much more. Yes, what a sin to tattoo, sometimes our vending coffee machine earns more standing in one place.
What to do, there is no growth, no new knowledge and tools, no longer recognize, no motivation. Then in the course embarks on a secret tool which hint to the organizers trenyov “the back ground worked perfectly before 2.0”. No one will check anyway. And suddenly, you’re back on the horse, everyone admires you.
VANITY is one of the short-term motivators for which such guys catch not stronger psyche. As it turned out, the result is not important there. Many merge at this stage. Their motivator was the result, it is not. The back ground worked perfectly before 2.0 for Vanity they are not important
Then there are the other guys and repeated Parabellum->BM->…..BF, BK, DN, DB, etc. People are looking for the result, get P2.0.

Merge those who came there by mistake. The motivation for their RESULT.

1. The common features of these people at this point you have already drawn. Those who are in search of motivation? Those who found it and still in search.
And now, closer to the truth. What would You no one caught on the motivational hook and sucked Your money for P2.0 You have to decide on the goals for your life and answer the question WHY You need it, without tips and searches on the Internet. How do I? My picture of the world from the point of view of the hero who can change the world for the better. If my actions are useful, have a specific result and value, they motivate me. Second, to understand the specific results that will determine the implementation of the goal.
In the third I learn only from those people who have already achieved this themselves. This is harder than P2.0, but it’s worth it. Learning does not mean going to Trainings, communication and joint work – a great teacher. Couldn’t be better.

THE MOTIVATION IS ALWAYS THERE INSIDE OF YOU IT HAS FOCUS. She will act for the benefit of Your lucid desires only when they have a PURPOSE, which itself will show that it is MOTIVATING. Once You hit upon the goal, the goal will be to cause the motivation, the motivation to increase the desire to fly to the target. This is an upward spiral of development.
The more global the goal, the more motivated it will be.
The motivation of aspiration is always longer than avoidance, but avoidance is stronger in the short term.

External motivation (invented or formed by others) is always short-term internal PERSONAL (if it is not artificially supported).


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