Revealing the connection between punctuality and integrity
In my opinion, a person who is not able to come at the appointed time, fulfill the planned obligations or adhere to the schedule, should not believe in other matters.…

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The choice of colors for the site
The color scheme determines the mood of the resource and its thematic affiliation. But in addition, it can also affect the perception: one or another shades you can better position…

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Seven criteria of ideal business niche
1. «High resolution» Here we are talking about your "resolution" in this niche, that is, your level of understanding, your experience, knowledge. For example, if you are all my adult…

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Lessons of charisma and leadership from Radislav Gandapas

1. Make your interlocutors feel the most intelligent, charming and interesting people

2. Behave so that people during the conversation feel that you do not think about anything else:
– Lower the intonation to the end of the sentence.
– Nod.
– Pause for two seconds before replying.

3. Think about pleasant to smile sincerely
The brain sometimes does not notice the difference between reality and fantasy, so when you think about something pleasant, you react positively to it, and your smile looks sincere. People “read” on the face in just 17 milliseconds, so that any slightest manifestation of the negative will be easily seen. People feel an insincere smile subconsciously.

4. When you greet someone, stand up from the chair to be about the same height as him, and shaking hands, take your other hand out of your pocket

5. Be a great listener: pause and ask questions
John Kennedy was an excellent listener. His interlocutors thought he was “with them” entirely. Usually when we listen, we wait for the end of the replica interlocutor, to talk themselves. To show that you are listening carefully, ask questions. If in fact you are not interested in what you are told, it will be extremely difficult to hide it.

6. Choose your seat at the table carefully
The choice of location can greatly affect the outcome of the negotiations. When people sit opposite each other, and the table seems to separate them, they often argue, speak abruptly, use short sentences. If you initially want to avoid confrontation, sit next to the other person or at right angles to him.

7. Keep humanity
It is not necessary to have physical strength to become a leader. You have to show the strengths of the individual – intelligence, like bill gates, or kindness, like the Dalai Lama. When you reach a certain level of power, your charisma will grow, but you must not forget about humanity – otherwise you risk being branded a dictator.

8. Overcome “the impostor syndrome”
In 1978, scientists at the University of Georgia found that the so-called “impostor syndrome” affects about 70% of people. It creates self-doubt – it’s like you’re waiting to be exposed. This has a very negative impact on charisma.

9. Prepare in advance for big events
You will never run a marathon without training and will not make a speech without rehearsing. Also, you will not be able to feel strong and confident with a wave of a magic wand. It is necessary to carry out “preparatory” work.
If running relaxes you, take time to run. Or just listen to good music before an important meeting. Make sure there are songs in the playlist that you like and give you confidence.

The main differences between rich and poor
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Rules of success from Pavel Durov
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