Rules of success from Pavel Durov
Pavel Durov created Vkontakte in 2006 and all these years was the leader and inspirer of the project. In recent years, the company has been in a state of permanent…

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What should be the photos in the online store?
1. Show the benefits of the product not only in the text. For example, an online clothing store can show photos of things from different angles. Do not forget that…

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How to become a master in any business? (part 1)
James Altucher — entrepreneur, trader, investor, author of several bestsellers, who released and sold independently. In his blog, he openly and paradoxically teaches to live a happier life. Are you…

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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Why is passion important for business?

You have to love what you do — otherwise you will never succeed in life. If you love your work, you will work tirelessly, try to surpass your achievements and eventually become much more enjoy life. The most important moments on the way to success — to know your business and love what you do. This allows you to solve many complex problems.

Here is the very first paragraph of my first book, the Art of making deals: “I don’t do it for the money. I have enough money — more than I could ever need. I’m doing this for the cause. The conclusion of the transaction for me is art. Someone paints on canvas a lovely picture, someone writes wonderful poems. I like to make deals — and preferably big deals. I get my kicks in this.” Continue reading

Success lessons from Henry Ford

1. Serve others.
“A business absolutely devoted to service will have little concern about profit. It will be indecently big.”
The secret of success is to serve others. All successful people serve, the greater the success, the greater the service. Wealth is created from services, and comes only through services. Ford said: “Wealth, like happiness, cannot be achieved by direct search. It comes as a byproduct of providing useful services. How do you serve?

2. Trick.
“There is no man who cannot achieve more than he thinks he can.”
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Prosperity recommendations from Napoleon hill

1. Imagination is power.

“All the breaks that you need in life, wait with your imagination. Imagination is the workshop of your mind, it can transform the energy of the mind into achievements and riches.”

2. Repetition is necessary.

“Any idea, plan or goal can be placed in your mind by repeating thoughts.”

3. Hard work is a must. Continue reading

What do you need to learn before you become a businessman?
1. Time-management. This is said by many, but most of these people do not have this interesting skill. The essence of time management is to learn not to postpone the…


Effectively plan time on Eisenhower
Time is a twofold concept. On the one hand, we have it in abundance, and it is still a lot in stock. On the other hand, every second we spent…


As always be in the money!
will rassmotrim a series of clear, today, patterns: 1. Be an expert Experts are trusted. Experts find themselves. Experts are highly valued. Expertise is not a complete doctorate, but only…


How can an entrepreneur get rid of decadent thoughts?
1. Do not break away from production. If you have turned your hobby into a business, and the company began to grow rapidly, you most likely do not have to…